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Hi all,

I'm new here and I'm new to Ducati, but I'm not new to motorcycles in general. I recently picked up a 2007 Monster S4R Testastretta with 42k miles on the clock. The previous owner added the following performance mods: (1) open airbox; (2) full ZARD exhaust; and (3) Ducati Performance ECU.

The issue is that the bike has horrible part-throttle hesitation and bucking under 4k rpms, and occasionally, the bike will shut off when I close throttle under 4k rpms in the low gears (e.g. 1st or 2nd gear). The latter issue is particularly dangerous for me, since I use the bike to commute to work and I'm often under 4k rpms in second gear while I'm lane splitting (legal in CA). The bike has already shut off on me a hand full of times while lane splitting on the freeway. Thankfully, it's always happened at an extremely low speed when traffic is at a standstill, for the most part. Above 4k rpms, the bike is nice and smooth.

This past weekend, I downloaded JPDIAG and got everything hooked up to the bike. I connected to the ECU, ran a check, and noticed several issues: My TPS setting was stabilized at ~1.2; the ECU was showing P0351 (Ignition coil A primary and secondary circuit malfunction); the ECU was showing P0352 (Ignition coil B primary and secondary circuit malfunction); and the ECU was showing P0335 (crankshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction). I cleared the codes, reset the TPS (~2.6), and took the bike for a ride.

The bike ran smooth for a few minutes before the part-throttle hesitation and bucking under 4k rpms returned. I hooked it back up to JPDIAG and checked for codes - the P0351 and P0352 ignition coil codes had returned. Also, the TPS setting seemed to have shifted from ~2.6 to ~1.8.

Now for my question. JPDIAG is telling me I have issues with both ignition coils, possibly the crank position sensor, and possibly the TPS sensor - is it likely that this is an ECU issue instead? If so, is there any quick way that I can test the ECU before I start throwing parts at the bike?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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