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Hi all! My 2005 M1000S (with 25k miles) has been blowing the "Key Sense" fuse (10amps) one after another. The first time it happened it stalled as I was parking it. So I put it in neutral, pressed the start switch and nothing. I turned the key to the OFF position, gave it a few minutes and tried it again. When I turned the key to the ON position the instrument panel did the usual sweep, but I didn't hear the fuel injector buzz, and the immobilizer light flashed 2 or 3 times then became steady. So I checked the fuse box and noticed that the key sense fuse was blown. I replaced it and the bike started fine. I put on first gear and took off, but it died again. It seems to stall just about when I try to roll off... I've replaced the same fuse about 4 times and it keeps blowing.

I did some research on the forum, and found a few topics on blown fuses, but most of them were related to the 15Amp fuse, which is for the parking lights, instrument panel, high/low bean... = a bad tail chop... but non on key sense. I also called a couple of shops. One of them suggested that there may be a bad/open wire connection somewhere that's causing a short circuit on the ignition wiring or perhaps a bad relay.

If anybody has had any experience with similar situation or can shed any light I would appreciate it!

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