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This is an 03 Ducati Monster 1000

I am asking $6000 located in Bay Area Ca (94523)

The bike has 13K miles new tires and belts

Clean title and i have all the keys, and an extended warranty until June of 2010 that is transferable

http://www.summers.thegc.org/For Sale/Monster 005.jpg

More pictures can been seen at

http://www.summers.thegc.org/For Sale/

The seat is a Sargent seat that was a nice upgraded for long rides and

multiple day trips, the seat has clips that are built into the seat to

attach the rear tank bag and bungee net and the small tool can that

fits into the bottom of the seat. I have added the cgr lane-splitting

mirrors on both sides of the bars. I added the fatter bars from the

S2r models that have the 1 1/8 bar then taper to the ends to do this I

had to add a 1" riser but i do not feel that it changed the riding

position. I also added the bar end weights from a 996 so the bar ends

weights help protect the mirrors because the mirrors are held on by

the bar end weights. I also changed out the front springs and had them

re-valve when I changed the spring rates from the factory the spring

rate are for a rider of about 160-175lbs I changed them to a

190-205lbs this made a huge difference in the way the bike handled in

the turns. I also had the suspension setup for a custom fir from my

weight and height. I did a few cosmetic things but I think that they

give the bike a nice look. The first was the tail chop and the

integrated brake light with blinker this cleaned up the backend of the

bike and gave it a more streamline look. Next were the belt covers I

picked up some billet belt covers from speedy moto and opened the

clutch cover being that it’s a dry clutch now you can hear the clutch.

The paint job is the one I like the most it is from the factory Senna

however, the ducati that is spelled out on the factory scheme is

silver. I had that removed and painted red and then clear coated to

match the wheels and added ducati on the rear cowl to match that has

been clear coated. I removed all the zip ties that the factory used to

attach the cables and wires to the frame. I have secured them behind

the frame to help draw more attention to the lines of the frame and

have a less cluttered look. I added a set of speedy moto frame sliders

as a just in case mod thank god I have never had to use them.

As far maintenance goes, I am very meticulous about the bike. It is

parked in the garage and is covered all the time. I had the 6,and 12k

services completed at Ducati services centers only all belts and valve

adjustments as well, the oil changes for the 3,9K I did myself and i

clean the k&n air filter at every oil change as well. I have not

really ridden the bike over the last year with the addition of my son

i just do not have time so the bike is on a trickle charger and i let

the bike run for 10min every two weeks just to keep an eye on things.

Not to long ago i had to have the gauge cluster replaced because one

of the LED for the blinker indicator was out. The guys at the shop

told me just to live with it but, I did not like that idea so i had

the entire gauge cluster replaced because i bought the extended

warranty, they picked up the cost of the replacement and the warranty

is transferable and does not expire until June of 2010. So currently

the odometer reading says the bike has 11 miles but before i to the

bike in to have the cluster replaced it had 13,327 miles on the bike.

Now the new cluster is one that can be opened to fix small problems

and the amber backlighting looks a little nicer look then the old

green back lighting.

Let me know if you have any further questions and if you would like we

can setup a time for you to come take look at the bike in person and

if you have a motorcycle licenses I can arrange a test ride. If you

live in the area, I can set up with a few of the ducati service

department that I have dealt with in the past that have treated me

very well.

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Your bike reminds me of the silver 750 I had back in college, but better! If your bike is still for sale what are you now asking for it?

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Could you tell me why you want to sell it? It looks like you were more meticulous and caring for the bike than some parents are with their children.

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Well, I now have a little boy and no longer have the free time that I once had, and I drop him off and pick him up from daycare so I traded my daily commute for an auto that was more sutable for his transportation. Its kind of funny that you make the refernce to the children, being that a child is the casue of selling the bike.

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hey , did you ever wind up selling you're bike ? it's obviously been very taken care of..
the economy makes it a bit difficult to pull the trigger on a luxury item like this bike....
I live is santa monica and am interested in your bike it's not clear if you still have it or if you are more flexible on the price you are asking..... he's a similar one to yours that is on craigs list here in LA http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/mcy/1490504640.html
for less than yours and I spoke to him and he's willing to go lower still... get back to me on this if you will consider less for your bike 818 903-5419

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