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Edited (13 DEC 09): Added Location & Negotiable Price Info.

I have a 2002 620ie Monster Dark for sale. It does have some issues. It had been sitting for a few years when I got it. I got it running by replacing the fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel sock. It has a new battery, new chain, and new wheel bearings. I changed the oil prior to trying to crank it and have since changed the oil a second time. It also has an after market fuel cap. I got it for free from my step-brother that had it sitting in my step-mother's garage. It has a power loss issue during the summertime. I have checked the compression on both cylinders and they were within spec. It has about 2700 miles on it. I have put about 300 miles on it since I got it. The only mechanical issue that I know of is the power loss. I talked to a local service department and they said that if it only does it in the summertime to bring it in during the summer. I can't afford to spend anymore money on it as I am a full time student. If anyone is interested, I will consider all offers. I do not want to sell it to someone that is not familiar with the ins and outs of Ducati maintenance, so as to prevent an unfavorable experience to a motorcycle newb.

Here is a link to pictures.
http://s593.photobucket.com/albums/tt20/MopaD/Sitting Duc/

The bike is in Gautier, MS 39553. I would be willing to haul it in my truck if compensated for gas. I will be making a trip to Seiling,Oklahoma and to Dalton Ga, so if you are closer to either of those two locations, I would only ask for compensation from those two areas towards the delivery location.

The price is negotiable. I have $800 total in the bike right now, so I will accept less than NADA and KBB prices. I have a minimum in mind that I will accept, but I don't want to negotiate down to my minimum. I have no doubt that whoever gets this bike will feel that they got a good deal. My goal is that after the transaction takes place I walk away happy, and you ride away happy as well.
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