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I'm just about ready for my 1000Km service for my '02 620, but before taking it to my mechanic, I'd like some input about a problem I'm experiencing.

After the oil temperature has reached anywhere from 180 to 240, the engine wants to stall when I give it some throttle from idle. Twist the throttle and it just coughs a bit and dies. The engine is idling at less than 1000rpm when this happens, maybe 750 if I'm to believe what the tach indicates. If I keep the engine revving a little higher by keeping the throttle open a little more, at say 1500rpm, no problem. And of course when the oil temp is that hot it's hard to restart. It's a bit of a pain at a crowded intersection, not to mention scary when I've got an Avalanche or Escalade breathing down my neck.

Any help much appreciated.


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