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I'm just about ready for my 1000Km service for my '02 620, but before taking it to my mechanic, I'd like some input about a problem I'm experiencing.

After the oil temperature has reached anywhere from 180 to 240, the engine wants to stall when I give it some throttle from idle. Twist the throttle and it just coughs a bit and dies. The engine is idling at less than 1000rpm when this happens, maybe 750 if I'm to believe what the tach indicates. If I keep the engine revving a little higher by keeping the throttle open a little more, at say 1500rpm, no problem. And of course when the oil temp is that hot it's hard to restart. It's a bit of a pain at a crowded intersection, not to mention scary when I've got an Avalanche or Escalade breathing down my neck.

Any help much appreciated.



Same problem..I've been cracking the cold start lever a little when I am in traffic to keep the idle up. Idle runs around 700rpm.

Which screw to adjust idle did you use?

I read on one thread to use the one between the throttle bodies but it appears that it would change the sync.

The two screws on the throttle cable side appear to set: (1)the idle and (2) amount of travel on the cold start lever.
But one would effect the other???.

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Their are actually two screws. Both are located on the top and point upward and should have yellow thread lock on them. One has a head to it and the other doesn't. The one with the head will change both the idle and the choke/fast idle position. The other will compensate for the choke/fast idle.
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