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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to get my 2nd bike and first Duc. I've been looking at a 2001 Monster S4 (916) and a 2007 Monster 695 Dark. Both are 300+ miles away, so the simple solution of just test driving both is impractical.

I had a couple years experience riding a 250 cruiser (Hyosung GV250), it wasn't running for a few years due to a problem with the carburetor, but I finally got it running again this spring - long story short, I'm still a bit of a novice rider. Here are my main thoughts with my two choices:

2001 S4 - Too much power for my current riding experience, but will last a long time, also it has a higher seat than the 695 (I'm 6'1" with a 32" inseam)

2007 695 Dark - What I've read about the seat height and peg placement is my main concern, but also that after a year or two, I'm worried I'll want something with more power. I think at this point the power is right for me and the "slipper" clutch sounds nice for protecting against a bad downshift.

They both look good, and fall in the same price range, the power and seat height are really the factors I need to decide on.

Any thoughts or advice, greatly appreciated.


PS Both bikes are at auction, so I may be pulling the trigger before I get the actual advice - hopefully my decision will be reinforced...

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i'd go for the S4.
it makes power very linear and if you dont whack the throttle open, you'll be fine
i agree that the 695 might feel too small for you
jeff h
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