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01 m750 fork upgrades?

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Hello, I am a fairly recent ducati owner. My 01 750 dark has some really weaka$$ springrates up front. Is their a cheap mod for this, just to keep the forks in the upper travel. Its plum scary to ride. I bought it and the rear shock is maxed on preload, but the sag is still ok. I know my ride would be better if I backed off of the rear, but its right,I want to increase front without going and buying new springs. Im not a racer, just a novice that wants to have fun on the street. I weigh about 210 and my sag is at 45 now it gets way worse when I am riding.
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As far as I know replacing the springs up front would be the cheapest, easiest and probably the best solution for what you want.

It's realy not a huge job.
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