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i replaced the battery on my '01 m750 tonight and found a red and black 'y' wire that was attached to the battery along with the leads. there was also a black wire that seems to feed the heated hand grips. it is a single wire that then 'y's and runs to the heated grips switch box. i reattached the leads and the appropriate colored leads of the smaller 'y' wire back. i also attached the black wire that ran to the grip switch box to the hot stand on the battery. eveything seems fine, grips work (and wouldn't work until i reattached the black cable). everything starts fine and the signals, headlight, horn, brake light,etc work also.

am i blowin it? i am definitely a newbie and don't want to hurt my bike. any help ( or criticism ) would be appreciated.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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