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  1. Maintenance & Repair
    Hi, recently I've been having an issue of the bike not starting during the cold mornings. Can hear the starter relay energize with a clicking sound but does not crank. During the day it starts right up even if its a cold start. Battery is fully charged. Battery is OEM. I guess it does not have...
  2. General Monster Forum
    I put my 2005 Monster 620 away last winter and everything was working normally. The battery was disconnected when I put it away. I pulled the bike out a few months ago to charge the battery and let it run for a bit. No problems. Well, I forgot to disconnect the battery after that and when I...
  3. General Monster Forum
    Bike sat for 10 months because i lost they keys. I had the immobilizer disabled, replaced battery, new spark plugs, fuel pump works, fuses look good, fresh fuel. Bike cranks as if it wants to start and pops a few times as if its about to start but isnt starting. When it pops, smoke comes out of...
1-3 of 3 Results