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  1. Ducati Monster M Bikes
    If you like the full back story, see thread: Lack of power at WOT So, I have a 2001 M600 with a nice exhaust on it. The guy that sold it to me told me it had a 'stage 3 jet kit' but couldn't tell me any more about jet sizes etc. It had sat a while and was obviously a victim of old gas. I...
  2. Ducati Monster M Bikes
    I have a 2001 Ducati Monster 600 with carbs. I cleaned and rebuilt the carbs when I first got it (about 6 months ago). Rides OK, but I am noticing two things: it fouls up spark plugs pretty quick and it actually doesn't increase HP/Torque when I go wide open throttle under load (say going up a...
  3. Upgrades, Performance & Mods
    I am rebuilding the carbs on my 2001 M600. Haynes says that the jets were OEM as follows: Pilot: 37.5 and then 40 Mid: 70 Main: 132.5 I purchased a K&L rebuild kit. It actually contains: 37.5 70 140 And finally, I bought a few extras from JetsRUs: 42.5 70 137.5 I have NO IDEA what's...
1-3 of 3 Results