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  1. Tech
    Hello Monster fans, I'm the owner of a 2013 Monster 696 ABS, and my speedo + odometer are now completely out of whack after I upgraded the stock ECU with the official Ducati DP ECU (part number 96521610B - It actually says 696 ABS on it!), along with the high flow filter and Termi carbon...
  2. Accessories and Mods
    Hey everyone! I've been a lurker here ever since getting my ducati, but couldn't find the exact thread I needed so I figured I'd make my own post. I'm currently installing the SpeedoHealer v4 on my monster, and right off the bat there was a couple discrepancies with the manual vs real life...
  3. Maintenance & Repair
    Hello all, Recently reinstalled my battery on my 2013 796 since it’s starting to warm up. After all my checks, I noticed my display isn’t showing up (see attached pic). Any idea what’s wrong? All of my signals and lights are working as well and everything. Was working before I winterized it.
1-3 of 3 Results