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  1. General Monster Forum
    So.... I was doing my first oil change since buying the motorcycle in May (about 4k miles) and I found this pictured below. It appears to be a shim, but don't know from where. The bike has been absolutely trouble free. Any suggestions?
  2. Ducati Monster 796
    Hey guys, This is my first post on this awesome forum, and it's a technical question: anyone know the torque spec to the Monster 796's oil mesh filter drain plug? More details below. Hope someone can help! -Beez Details: I'm changing the oil on my 2013 Monster 796, and I realize I don't...
  3. Tech
    Hey Guys the other day i was doing an oil change on my monster and was trying to torque my drain bolt but accidently over torqued it and in result i crushed the sealer and stripped the threads because the plug is tight but still turns without any force. It leaks only a little bit. I hope all i...
1-3 of 3 Results