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  1. S2R 1000 Exhaust Mod

    Accessories and Mods
    Since the S2R has the coveted single sided swingarm, its a shame Ducati stacked the exhaust the way they did, obscuring the swingarm from the right side. A guy I used to be friends with (we had a falling out during this project) owed me some work as part of a van deal and modd'd my exhaust so...
  2. S2R Purcahsing Advice

    Purchasing & Owning
    Howdy all, Looking at a low milage 00's S2R as a second bike and I'm looking for tips on what to look out for, so far I've got: Desmo service(?) Timing belts Plastic tank warping(?) Tires, fluids, etc Any particular gremlins to look out for? Bike appears to be in good condition other than...
  3. Greetings from Detroit

    New Member Introductions
    Howdy I purchased a 2015 1200S last year and the bike has completely blown me away. Coming from mid 00's era Japanese bikes the build quality, performance, and electronics of something like this really made me appreciate new bikes. Plus it's got that Ducati special sauce that makes it just a...
  4. Monster 695 Haynes Manual

    General Monster Forum
    Does anyone have a resource for a Haynes type workshop/service manual for the 2006 695? Couldn't find one for sale anywhere. I can only find the 620 up to 2005. Are the manuals essentially the same? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  5. Garage Ornament Chapter Coming To A Close

    New Member Introductions
    I'm James and I have a 2001 Ducati Monster 750. I last rode it in Spring 2015 after recovering from hip surgery. On my first ride back the rear axle had nearly slid completely out while I was riding down the highway. I made the naive decision that this was a sign this was a project bike...
  6. 03 Monster 800, left caliper still not working after rebuild

    I rebuilt both front calipers (gold Brembos, 4 piston) a few years ago and ever since the left one still hasn't worked (original reason why I rebuilt them). I essentially rebuilt that one twice since it didn't work the first time so I tore it apart and did it again. I have bled them multiple...
  7. 2009 696 starter doesn't turn.

    Pulled my headlight to straighten my right turn signal arm and only unplugged that signal wire to make more room to work on it. Plugged it back in. Now starter doesn't turn. I just get the same sound of the fuel pump priming as I do when turning on the ignition key. Any ideas would be most...
  8. S4R Adventure Build

    Accessories and Mods
    Hello all, I bought my first Ducati in 2003, a used 750 Senna, red rims and all. Eventually sold the Senna and bought my second Ducati in 2006, a brand new S4r. Now, all these years later, I am planning a build to transform the S4r into an adventure bike. [cue the purist rage] My first...
  9. Does the monster 821 have cornering abs

    General Monster Forum
    Hi I am trying to find out if the monster 821 or 821 stealth have cornering abs. I see that the Ducati website notes that the Stealth version has Bosch abs 9.1 mp, which could mean its cornering abs but it's not clear. On the std monster 821 it just says Bosh abs. I talked to a dealer today...
  10. 2017 EXCELLENT Monster 1200, Rochester NY, 3411 miles, $9,950

    Monsters for sale
    Hello Monster Fans, I am selling my absolutely stellar 2017 Monster 1200 (regular Monster not r or s). I am a retired executive and the bike is frankly just too powerful for me. I bought it new from the Ducati dealer On Twp Wheels in Florida (we have a home there also) and now have it up here in...
  11. Monster has no issues until bike starts running then dash cuts out

    Maintenance & Repair
    Hi folks ,I’m new to this forum My 2008 ducati monster 696 seems to have an electrical issue . every thing seems fine and dandy until the bike fires up then every thing seems to die other than the engine ( no problem going for A ride up the road everything seems mechanically fine) any help /...
  12. VIN Number Problem

    hey! im new here haha. my name is zayd and im a 17 year old rider. just got a ducati monster from my uncle hehe. thinking of modifying it and learning and what not. the problem is that i dont know the model. and the vin number is really weird ZDM400A2*001930* he told me its a 650cc ‘98 duc...