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  1. '02 Monster 620 - Died at Stop Light When Kicking Into Gear

    Hello All - I've got a 2002 620 Dark, close to 16K miles. Had this bike for 15 years. Went out for a ride this afternoon and the bike suddenly died at a stop light when the light turned green and I shifted into 1st. The immobilizer light flashes but I get no cluster sweep/activity when the key...
  2. Need help raising my 'new' 2002 ducati monster 620 ie

    so i recently got my hands on a 2002 monster 620 ie, quite cheap, and has somee work needed to be done. I removed the front fairing, backseat fairing, mounted a handlebar mirror etc. The motorcycle was operated by a very short woman, who had the bike lowered, i didn't think much off it at the...
  3. Immobilizer Issues, Out of Ideas

    General Monster Forum
    I put my 2005 Monster 620 away last winter and everything was working normally. The battery was disconnected when I put it away. I pulled the bike out a few months ago to charge the battery and let it run for a bit. No problems. Well, I forgot to disconnect the battery after that and when I...
  4. Just purchased 05 monster 620 that "needs new engine" want to assess next steps (metal on drain plug)

    I just bought an 2005 monster that was advertised as having a blown engine. The guy I got it from didn't know much about what happened. He said he let the oil get low. Then he "saw metal" in the oil. His friend who is a mechanic looked at the oil and said to sell the bike. I am planning to do...