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  9. Parts Wanted
    Hey all! I am looking for Monster 1100 Evo Rear Sets. I have a 2009 Monster 1100 and it comes with ugly two-in-one rear sets that have rear passenger pegs. Since I am not carrying anyone while I ride, I figured I can save some weight and make my single-sided beauty look better. Reaching out to...
  10. Ducati Monster S Models
    Hi, I have a owned a 2005 S2R800 for the last few years in which time I have upgraded the front and rear suspension plus front brakes. After coming into a bit of extra spending money I am considering an engine swap. Now the S2R1000 engine would be the simplest but can someone tell me if the...
  11. Ducati Monster 1100
    So I decided to pull out the motorcycle out of its hibernation (has not been ridden for about 3 months, sat on a trickle charger). Took it for a spin and the low fuel light came on. Went to my local Shell and filled it with 93 as usual. When I started the bike it lit up the Engine light with...