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  1. General Monster Forum
    Hello everyone, new to the forum but not to Ducati Monsters, I’ve just bought a 1100 20th Anniversary, but UK bikes don’t have a build number, so I have spoken to Ducati UK and the can only tell me it’s number 64 or 65 so please if anyone has either number please let me know. cheers.
  2. Maintenance & Repair
    Hello, Does anyone have a link to where I could find the service manual for my 2011 Monster 1100evo ABS? I’ve been trying a lot of links plastered all over the usual websites but they are all rubbish or outdated links. Any advice will be most welcome. Cheers!
  3. Parts Wanted
    Hey all! I am looking for Monster 1100 Evo Rear Sets. I have a 2009 Monster 1100 and it comes with ugly two-in-one rear sets that have rear passenger pegs. Since I am not carrying anyone while I ride, I figured I can save some weight and make my single-sided beauty look better. Reaching out to...
1-3 of 3 Results