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  1. Accessories and Mods
    Hi Ducatistas. I live in Thailand and they won’t approve race system exhaust here due to non compliance. I have just purchased a Termi Slip on but it is still too quiet. has anyone modded thisand removed the DB killers? It’s welded in and can’t just screw it out like the race version. Thanks...
  2. Accessories and Mods
    Hello All. Opinions please: Currently running a stock ECU and stock pipes, but have a Power Commander V as the next item on the To-Do list. Meanwhile, I think I came across a good deal for some used Termi slip-ons - guy is asking $500 OBO - so maybe I'd get them for 400/450. These ones, in...
  3. Accessories and Mods
    Hello all, I bought my first Ducati in 2003, a used 750 Senna, red rims and all. Eventually sold the Senna and bought my second Ducati in 2006, a brand new S4r. Now, all these years later, I am planning a build to transform the S4r into an adventure bike. [cue the purist rage] My first...
1-3 of 3 Results