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  1. Maintenance & Repair
    I need a mint Bosch headlight and assembly for an 05’ S2R Anyone out there have it? Many Thanks
  2. Accessories and Mods
    Hello Guys, I've owned my Ducati Monster 696 2009 from last October and I've decided to modify it. One of the modifications I'm looking at is installing a LED headlight. I've seen the Motodemic ones in youtube. They seem cool and everything but have a pretty premium price. The Motodemic LED...
  3. Parts Wanted
    Hi all, looking to purchase a headlight fairing (bikini) for my 2007 S4r. Dont care about color or stripes as I'll be custom painting it, thanks!
  4. Accessories and Mods
    Looking for original headlight for my 1997 M750. I found an original M695. What are the differences between the 2 models headlight and is it compatible?
  5. General Monster Forum
    My fender eliminator mount broke off by the welds while I was riding causing my taillight to break. Ordered an integrated tail light and wired it to a new 5 way waterproof connector but only the left and right blinkers worked. Checked the voltage on the female end to find the brake (white and...
  6. Tech
    I have run into a bit of an issue with my 2014 Monster 696 ABS. I changed the oil and removed the stock fender because of a broken turn signal. Fixed the fender, but broke it again while trying to put it back on. I ended up going with a fender eliminator, but after having completed everything...
1-6 of 6 Results