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  1. Tech
    Hello! I’m trying to rebuild my fuel pump and found the green wire pulled out of the a5 canister on the side of the fuel pump. Does anyone know what this is and where to get a new one w the wiring connection? thanks so much !
  2. Tech
    Just got this 796. The battery was dead so I had to replace the battery. I tested the newly installed battery and it worked, so I reassembled the tank. The following day it won’t start and I am getting all the symptoms of a fuel pump not priming. It through up a fuel error, so I checked the...
  3. Maintenance & Repair
    I have an 05 S4R with 100K miles. It has always been reliable . . . but I let it set up for a little to long and it will not start. This is what I’ve done so far: 1: Cleaned and drained the fuel tank 2: Replaced fuel pump screen 3: Replaced fuel filter 4: Cleaned fuel injectors The bike has...
  4. Tech
    It happened more than 5 times in a month. Any ideas will be appreciated. When i turn the ignition key, i can’t hear the fuel pump priming and for sure it won’t start. If i wait for about 5 minutes and try again, sometimes it will prime the fuel pump and start. I tried both original keys and have...
  5. Tech
    I am looking to take a poll...the o-rings on my S4Rs fuel pump pass through harness starting leaking and therefore needed replacement. As I was removing the snap-ring and barrel I ended up damaging the wiring harness and soon found out OEM replacements do not exist. 😖GRRRRR. Because I am 3 parts...
1-5 of 5 Results