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  1. Accessories and Mods
    So....... I have been wanting some extra "phaphaphabahbahabhabahbah" from my 821 with its stock exhaust. 1: Any aftermarket exhausts or slip-ons are super duper expensive in South-Africa as all are imported on demand it seems and we are currently enjoying a decent amount of import VAT and...
  2. Upgrades, Performance & Mods
    Hi fellow Ducatistas! I have a 2018 Monster 821. Love the bike. I do, however, wonder if it could indeed sound a bit more "monster" ;-) I don't really have much options for Slip-ons in my country, and importing is a last resort. Has anyone opened up the stock muffler/box to peak inside? Has...
  3. Parts For Sale
    For sale is a Termignoni Slip-On I had on my 2020 Monster 821. I'll toss the two baffles in the shipment as well. Comes with everything assembled, and there are no issues or damage to the exhaust. Shipping from California. $800 OBO.
    $800 USD
  4. Parts Wanted
    Looking for an aftermarket exhaust for a 2005 Monster 620. Let me know what you have! I also have a very clean set of Stock Remus exhaust that I would trade (plus cash on my side) for something else.
    $500 USD
  5. Accessories and Mods
    Hey guys, anyone knows anybody who may be selling his boom tubes exhaust for 796? Happy to pay any price for new or used. Thank you!
  6. Parts For Sale
    VERY LIGHTLY used SC Project Exhaust. Almost flawless except minor dings on baffles. Bought for $1300. Selling for $900, shipping included. Model: D25A-K44C
    $900 USD
  7. Ducati Monster 1100
    Hi. I have a 2013 EVO 1100 that was missing the heat shield on the standard exhaust when I bought it. I have recently purchased a second hand one off ebay but when I went to install it the alignment doesn't seem right and it touches the exhaust without the nuts mounting properly. I wonder if...
  8. General Classifieds
    Used but in good shape and never crashed. Taken off of my 2001 Monster M750. Per my research they will fit all 1st generation Monsters (1993-2003 M900 M750 M600 M400 variants). Can anyone confirm this? They sound fantastic and shave 10 lbs off the stock exhaust. Exhaust clamps and mounting...
    $550 USD
  9. Parts For Sale
    Sold my 2019 monster 832 and still have the exhaust for sale $800 o.b.o will ship in the continental US exhaust is used but in great shape
    $800 USD
  10. Ducati Monster 1200
    Hi Desmowners, In a nutshell, I've recently bought the Monster 1200 R (love at first sight) with the original carbon Termignoni exhaust. The seller told me that I should by the DDS Map Key in order to execute the re-map in return of better performance. This makes sense to me, however it is not...
  11. Accessories and Mods
    I have a set of Remus High Pipes that I'm trying to instal and need to locate mounting hardware. I have a set of mounting straps that go around the muffler, but I can't find any hardware to attach the strap to the bike. I'm thinking of having a bracket fabricated and welded onto the frame, but...
  12. Parts For Sale
    F/S: Monster parts, luggage and riding gear The parts are from a 2001 M900, but reportedly will fit all Monsters up to 2005. They’re located in northern NJ. They’re all listed on Craigslist with all the details and clear pictures shown in this link: north jersey for sale "msg2021" -...
  13. General Monster Forum
    Hello everyone, Im pretty new on this bike, Ducati Monster 821 2016. I own this beauty since last summer and i've ridden it in almost every kind of weather. But after the last oil change (done by Ducati Service in my city) i'm experiencing this odd issue. In rainy days, or wet road, dtc or...
  14. Accessories and Mods
    Hello All. Opinions please: Currently running a stock ECU and stock pipes, but have a Power Commander V as the next item on the To-Do list. Meanwhile, I think I came across a good deal for some used Termi slip-ons - guy is asking $500 OBO - so maybe I'd get them for 400/450. These ones, in...
  15. Parts Wanted
    I have a 2009 Monster 1100 with stock exhaust (696/796 slip-ons fit this model). Looking to upgrade it and having a hard time finding exhaust for it. I would love to put on Termi's or LeoVince but open to other options. If you have anything available for sale, please let me know! I am located in...
  16. Accessories and Mods
    Hello all! Does anyone out there know of any slip-on out there that’ll fit the stock 2012 M1100EVO outside of those that were specifically made for it? For instance, I’d live to get the SC Projects S1 or the GP70-R which are both made for a 2016 M1200 R. Thanks for the help!
  17. Accessories and Mods
    I wasn't able to find much info out on the web about the different brand headers on the market other than what they themselves claim. I'm looking for any info from people that have tried or used different ones like, Spark, Akropovic, ect. I don't know if its worth it or not . I already have a...
1-17 of 17 Results