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  1. Tech
    I have an old 2006 Monster 620. I've ridden about 10 000 km (~6200 mi) but on my last ride, my battery died while the engine was running. I checked my regulator first, when I came home, and measured around 5-6v on the output (!). I ordered a new regulator and I'm waiting for it to arrive, but...
  2. Ducati Monster 796
    So I’m just sitting here messing around with my M796 due to boredom and I decided to check the fuse box. All but one fuse was blown which was the fuse for the dash. I replace it with a new fuse and as soon as I do the electricity kicks on and the fuel pump primes. Any ideas? Should I just put...
  3. Maintenance & Repair
    Hi folks ,I’m new to this forum My 2008 ducati monster 696 seems to have an electrical issue . every thing seems fine and dandy until the bike fires up then every thing seems to die other than the engine ( no problem going for A ride up the road everything seems mechanically fine) any help /...
1-3 of 3 Results