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  1. Ducati Monster 696
    So I just a 07 Ducati monster 695 it rides really good but for the first time the engine light came on. Even after it was on it was still riding good. The light did come on after the gas light came on, not sure if that’s why? Also it did come on after I hit multiple red lights so the bike was...
  2. General Monster Forum
    What ABS Level do you use on your monster and why ? Do you go with the default ABS settings in urban , touring , sport. If you use sport mode, do you keep your ABS level at 1 ? Thanks.
  3. Ducati Monster M Bikes
    Hey guys, long story short, the free play on my Monster 821 somehow has shifted to the very end. So, in the hopes of adjusting it, I looked through the owners manual, but to get the free play to where I like and where most people normally would have, my setup after adjustment looks a lot...
  4. Maintenance & Repair
    I have a ducati hypermotard 1100 and there seems to be 3 plugs. Which one is the oil drain plug?
  5. General Monster Forum
    Hi, I'm a Ducati Monster 696 owner from Indonesia. Currently I have a little bit problem with my front fork inner tube. So it has a little stone-chip just a few centimeters below the fork seal. So everytime the seal passes below the pitting it would leak the suspension oil a little bit. Has...