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  1. General Monster Forum
    What ABS Level do you use on your monster and why ? Do you go with the default ABS settings in urban , touring , sport. If you use sport mode, do you keep your ABS level at 1 ? Thanks.
  2. General Monster Forum
    Hi Everyone, just curious... How much is a fair price for a 2012 696 Monster with ABS. It has roughly 12000kms. It is a stealth black model so body panels are matte black. It is the original owner and has no modifications. There aren't very many bikes out there to compare to so I am having a...
  3. General Monster Forum
    Hi I am trying to find out if the monster 821 or 821 stealth have cornering abs. I see that the Ducati website notes that the Stealth version has Bosch abs 9.1 mp, which could mean its cornering abs but it's not clear. On the std monster 821 it just says Bosh abs. I talked to a dealer today...
  4. Tech
    DTC and ABS are disabled how to fix them I included attachments please see them . thanks
1-4 of 4 Results