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  1. UPDATE - 16' 821 REPO SAVED!!!

    General Monster Forum
    Whats up forum, It's been a couple months since my last post. A short update of what needed to be done to get the bike running for anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation. No Keys: Took off the ECU and ignition and shipped to SOS Diagnostics in Oregon. They reprogrammed and cut 2...
  2. 821 Crash Protection

    Accessories and Mods
    Hello all, Any help would be greatly appreciated with this - spent hours looking already Does anyone know where you can buy crash protection for the monster 821 (2017) which is just the crash bung instalment? Currently all I've really found is the R&G frame sliders and the Evotech frame...
  3. Does the monster 821 have cornering abs

    General Monster Forum
    Hi I am trying to find out if the monster 821 or 821 stealth have cornering abs. I see that the Ducati website notes that the Stealth version has Bosch abs 9.1 mp, which could mean its cornering abs but it's not clear. On the std monster 821 it just says Bosh abs. I talked to a dealer today...