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  1. Upgrades, Performance & Mods
    I installed a sc project exhaust with a custom link pipe i made for it , while i ride it for like 2 minutes the exhaust backfires loudly and the engine shuts off with a error code. The bike runs perfectly with the stock exhaust. Anything i can do to make it work?
  2. Maintenance & Repair
    Hey everyone, I was just replacing the timing belts and hadn't thought much of the tensioning part until actually getting the new belts on. I was so focused on getting the timing marks right that I didn't pay attention to the rest of the project. After doing some research, it seems people...
  3. Purchasing & Owning
    Hi guys and girls, some advice for a newb please! Im new to monsters but not ducs, im looking at getting a 1200s and trying to make sense of the differences between the ‘14 and ‘17 models. Quickshifter/blipper and 2cm shorter wheelbase on 17, slightly different dash controls on 17. Have i missed...
1-3 of 3 Results