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3rd transformation

Major tear down, timing belts, spark plugs, engine oil, oil filter, wash and oil air filter, rewire and loom tuck, move bars forward and down a inch, quick rip throttle, brake fluid replacement and bleed, paint parts, new front tyre, head bearing, wheel bearings, custom hand made fork slide guards,

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2011 m696 monster, cammed, tuned and fruit. Standard and stock aren't in any dictionary I own.
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Custom reco forks rebuilt with modified hayabusa internal, maintained a 120mm air gap with only 250cc of oil in each fork and the performance is chalk and cheese very happy with the feel, forks sit a inch higher, compress 50% on abs and still have over 2"s of travel before the bump stop, where the old set up was close to bump stop on abs hit, not much room for a pot hole on braking. Feels amazing through corners, over bumps and doesn't put me over the front wheel when I tap the brake. Trial and error, modification and fitting was all preformed by myself and was pretty much a stab in the dark.

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