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11-06-2019 10:43 AM
chris Hi Cati, welcome to the forum! You will want to start a new thread on the board and talk about your immobilizer problem. It is unrelated to the simple ignition systems on carbureted Ducatis.
11-05-2019 07:31 PM
Cati I have a 2007 800 SS Ducati my keys were stolen I purchased new keys set from Ducati Italy but I do not possess Key information need help
10-15-2019 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by chris View Post
So I googled "hp difference wasted spark" and this is certainly relevant:
With my recent coils testing, I discovered wasted spark means dwell dictates the max RPM. On my testbench, I can adjust dwell slightly longer and the coils stop working when there is not enough recovery between pulses. My initial programming is limited to 9000 rpm and with that slightly longer dwell, the coils go quiet around 8500 rpm. At the moment, I do not have an operating carb'd Ducati, so I cannot measure how long the pulses are from the igniters to the coils.

Video on FB: http://bit.ly/2BhOzN2
FB Photo Album: http://bit.ly/33BfC1Y

From anecdotal feedback, I would presume the carb'd Ducatis design is such that the limit of any coils' operation is near 9000 rpm depending on the amount of time the coils need to charge.
Two situations I've heard of that would lend weight to this:
  • A racer said he thought the bike had more power with the dyna 3Ω coils at high revs, but only if the battery was fully charged. To me this implies without higher voltage, the "charge time" or amount of energy built up in the windings is insufficient.
  • Fast street riders noted better performance with the 5Ω coils over the 3Ω coils. As a street bike uses the headlight, this would be the same as the case above, however instead of increasing voltage, the primary resistance is increased to better match available voltage and current. 3Ω coils in theory draw 4 amps each (8 A total), where the 5Ω will be 2.4A each, or 4.8 A in total. 8A at 12V is 96W. At 14.4V, it's 115W. Without other losses or the headlight, that is approximating half of the stated charging capacity of the generator.

Looking back, it was dumb luck that when we chose the 3Ω dyna coils that they worked at all, let alone worked well for so many people. Upon that above feedback is why we switched to 5Ω coils in the mid 2000s. We switched to our own branded coils in the late 2000s when Dyna increased the laminate layers of the coils to the point where we weren't able to machine off the extra mounting hole. And based on our knowledge about the current draw is why we chose to match the factory 4.6Ω primary resistance value.
02-22-2016 03:55 AM
Originally Posted by Jack34 View Post
I ve purchased Ignitech tcip unit. I have some troubles with original Ducati_kokusan settings. In low and mid rpm it looks like motor will stop, but in higher rev everything seems to be fine.

Do you have any suggestions how to make it work good? Or do you have some good settings on your own M900? Perfect will be if someone could put the *.ign file somewhere on the web. Thanks

My bike is Monster 900, year 1996, with termignoni and open air filter, ...

Thank you for responses.

Did you receive any settings? or did you manage to create good settings yourself? would love to receive the .ign file since i have the same problems!
03-15-2013 07:05 AM
How to set the [base advance]

the best way to check the base advance for the Ignitech:
set all values of the TCI-P4 to zero
for example:
>>1500 = 0; 2000 = 0; 2500 = 0; 3000 = 0; 3500 = 0; 4000 = 0; 4500 = 0; 5000 = 0; 9000 = 0; 9500 = 0; base advance = 0; Limitter = 10000rpm<<
-> the TCI-P4 triggers the spark at the end of the flywheel-lobe over the whole rpm-range
check the ignition timing with the strobe (as described in the workshop manual / the mark on the flywheel is at 6)
-> if the spark match the mark on the flywheel, you have to set the base advance to 6
<check both cylinder>
(if you need to use other advance at idle speed - you need tho check this with a timing wheel http://www.ducatimeccanica.com/timing_degree_wheel.jpg )

03-10-2013 10:23 AM
Tib thanks Nipsel!

how can I determine the base advance with a strobe?
03-10-2013 09:50 AM
Nipsel Hi Tib,
Originally Posted by Tib View Post
Hi everyone!
back to the TCIP, I don't know exactly how to wire it. they sent me the wiring to match stock units and there's a pair of black connectors and a white one.
which one's for the horizontal and which for the vertical?
that doesn'n matter for the TCI-P4
you have to connect the horizontal coil & horizontal pick-up to one pair of connectors
and the vertical coil & vertical pick-up to the other pair
then the base advance - do I have to change it from the stock setting? this horrifies me because it's not really a pleasure to get to the pickups again..
you have to set the [base advance] to the actual position of your pick-ups
usually the Kokusans are set to 6 btdc (wsm) that's the value at idle
-> so you need to check at idle speed with a stroboscope
and set it to this value
Thanks in advance!
03-10-2013 08:08 AM
Tib Hi everyone!

just got the standard TCIP4 unit.. not installed yet.
before that: after my pickups failed, I replaced them with the P8s and the bike is running 'fine' again.. all stock right now, I noticed some backfiring.. what could be the cause? I think it's more when decelerating.

back to the TCIP, I don't know exactly how to wire it. they sent me the wiring to match stock units and there's a pair of black connectors and a white one. which one's for the horizontal and which for the vertical?

then the base advance - do I have to change it from the stock setting? this horrifies me because it's not really a pleasure to get to the pickups again..

Thanks in advance!
04-12-2012 12:54 PM
IgniTech TCIP4

i use this values since April 2009:
1400 = 6
2000 = 20
2500 = 27
3000 = 30
3500 = 32
4000 = 33
4500 = 34
5000 = 35
9000 = 39
9500 = 0

Base advance = 6
Limiter 10 000 rpm

..works fine :-))
Ducati Performance is only a modified analog Kokusan unit

The Kokusan Ignition should be set at 6
(Mark at Flywheel)
so you should set the reference for the TCIP4 [base advance] at the same value ..


M900; '99; Mikuni TDMR40; IgniTech TCIP4
03-12-2012 03:23 AM
base advance correction

I bought a year ago a TCIP4 to replace the two units Kokusan bb1105 of my Ducati Monster 900cc of 1998.
I've two question about the settings because i want to copy a ducati performance 1.1 unit that is set:
6 until 1600 rpm, 30 from 2800 to 8000 rpm, 20 at 11000 rpm with intermediate values.


1. Considering that my flywhell is 4 degrees base advance, what should i set as base advance? 6 as ducati performance setting or i have to ad the 4 of my flywhell..therefore 10 is the right setting (6+4)?

2. The subsequent values can be set exactly as ducati performance unit or I have to correct adding the 4 of my flywhell base advance? (so 34 from 2800 to 8000 and 24 at 11000 rpm)

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