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_Phaedrus_ 05-26-2019 04:04 PM

S2R 800 Full Termi TuneECU Remap Help
So, I've managed to acquire a poor man's Termi DP zaust kit for my 07 S2R 800 (no OXS). DP headers/kat delete, cored Dan Moto cans, open air box w/ KN high flow filter.

I'm looking into remapping to take advantage of all that new airflow. It looks like with a bunch of dongles, I can connect a TuneEcu via my android phone and upload the "2219PZ10" DP exhaust map. Apparently the stock ECU map for the S2R 800 is "2219PZ13". Does anyone have experience with doing this? I was going to take it to the dealer or a local tuner to do a new map, but for ~$50 in parts I could just upload the Z10 map and have the equivalent of the DP race ecu from the Termi race kit, is that true?

I guess my question is, is the 2219PZ10 actually the exact same map as the DP race ecu that comes with the Termi cans (pn#96516105B)? Can anyone with experience with these mods and this TuneEcu map tell me if they like the Z10 map and if they felt a noticeable difference? I've heard that the full Termi race kit with ecu or a PCIII without ecu really makes it a whole new bike, and I wanted to make sure the TuneEcu map does effectively the same thing.


_Phaedrus_ 06-14-2019 12:17 AM

Well, it seems this site leans more toward the modern Monsters, but figure I'd share what I did anyways in case other folks with S2R 800s come looking for info...

I finally got my DP midpipes from Germany (pn# 979A00105). Installed them today. They weren't the pipes I was expecting. I thought they were going to be a complete header+midpipe (one unit), but they tap into the existing headers and just delete the cat instead. I'm confused now as to what the pn is for the full headers, and I can't find them in the parts catalog from 2007... But, w/e. All I really wanted was to delete the udder. Worth noting: DanMoto cans don't fit very well with the DP midpipes. The spacing is not quite right. Makes them sit too tight on top of each other. Might take them to a zaust shop to see if they cant bend them a little more for me. But, they're good enough for now.

Anyways, got the cat deleted, opened up the airbox, popped in a K&N filter, and tuned the ECU to the 2219PZ10 DP map. Reset the TPS. The bike runs great! Idles fine, low-end is a little less luggy, more responsive, and WOT is ridiculous. Between the open intake and open midpipes it's raucously loud :grin. Earplugs are now a must, but I really like the sound. Beastly. It pulls hard to redline, but then again, it did before all of the mods. I can't really tell how much of a difference everything made, tbh. It's not like all of a sudden the front wheel wants to jump up, but the bike runs smooth and pulls really well and sounds badass. The real test would be a dyno, but eff that.

I'll check the plugs after my next riding day and see what the mixture is looking like. I might also plug in the TuneEcu and record a few freeway pulls to see how the trims are doing throughout the throttle band. TuneECU is fucking great btw. For $10 + a few dongles, you have full control of the ECU. Stoked.

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