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S2R Project

I purchased a 2006 S2R1000 last weekend, and I'm just starting to tear into it. Cosmetically, it's pretty nice and it runs. It has ~14,400 miles on it, and I got it from the second owner. First owner was this guy's brother. Maintenance appears a little sketchy (loose dry chain). The PO is still looking for receipts. but he had work done at the only local Ducati dealer. I'll check with them and see what they can tell me. The seller says valves and belts were done a couple of years ago, so I'll play it safe take care of both before I put any real miles on it.

I took it for a ~15 mile spin today, and noticed a few things I'd like to get some input on. Possibly, all these issues are related.

First off, it doesn't want to idle. It runs smoothly all the way to red line and pulls like a train, but it dies as soon as the throttle is closed.

I also heard more valve noise than I'm used to. This may be the difference between the air cooled Monster and my water cooled ST, but it seemed excessive. As I mentioned, I'll be checking that out in the near future.

Finally, the thing that bothers me most is the temperature. It was ~50 deg.F during my spin today, and the temperature indicator said the bike was running at 195 deg.F. It may have still been climbing, but I ran out of time. I'm used to seeing ~165 deg.F on my ST, so this seems high. Once again, maybe it's the difference between air and water cooled?

Thoughts or input on any of these would be appreciated. I'll be working on valves, belts, TB sync, etc. over the next few weeks, but I'd like to know if there's anything else I should be checking on while I'm at it. Thanks in advance.

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Well as far as temps, we've been in the 50s a lot lately and mine will run around 170 degrees commuting to work.
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I feel kind of silly. Should have read the owner's manual before I posted. It appears there's a lot of difference between oil temperature and water temperature. The manual states that the "Hi" temp light won't flash until 338 deg.F. I wasn't even all the way warmed up yet. I've had a couple of air cooled Ducs before, but they were mid-90s 900SSs. There was no temperature indication on those.

I feel a lot better. Not scared to ride it some more. Now I just need to figure out why it won't idle. I've also added a couple of pics below. It shined up nicely.
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'06 Ducati S2R1000, '06 Ducati ST3s
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It's damn cold in my shop, but I got started on valves and belts today anyway. I was able to make it through the vertical cylinder, and it was bad! Both valves were WAY out of adjustment, and both collets on the intake closer shim were broken. Valves were done by the local dealer less than 2500 miles ago. Scary.

The throttle bodies were absolutely filthy inside and out, so I hit 'em hard with carb cleaner and a tooth brush. They shine now. I should have taken before and after pictures. Judging by the quality of work on the valves, I suspect I'll find the TPS and TB sync way out of adjustment. Hoping this solves the idle problem.

'06 Ducati S2R1000, '06 Ducati ST3s
'00 Yamaha WR400, '03 Honda TRX300ex
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My 07 runs at about 200-230 in the SoCal heat. It freaks me out too.
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I finished the valves on the horizontal cylinder last night. Once again, the valves were substantially out of adjustment, and there were three more busted half rings. All better now. I want to do some cleaning on the engine while it's apart. Once that's done, it's on to injection set-up. Wish me luck.

'06 Ducati S2R1000, '06 Ducati ST3s
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Some scary valve story!

I have an Ď06 as well. I bought it new, and the dealership where I bought it allegedly did the valves and belts about 1000 miles ago. I have about 8k miles on it now. I rode away wondering what was actually done. The oil was changed and the belts were swapped, but I swear it looks like the valve cover on the horizontal cylinder was never removed. I donít hear any valve noise, but Iíve been apprehensive ever since. Next spring Iím going to take it 150 miles to a reputable dealer with a great service reputation and spend my money all over again.
And yup, the oil temps are a little freaky sometimes. I liked the older bikes better without the temp indicator. Ignorance is bliss. Itís wild to follow another car in slow traffic and watch your temps climb 30 degrees, then watch it fall when traffic opens up and speeds increase.
That said, this S2R 1K is still my favorite bike ever.
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Ď06 S2R1K
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I was messing with the chain last night, and now I have another question. My chain adjuster eccentric only rotates about 1/8 of a turn before it seems to hit a stop both directions. This isn't enough to take up the slack and get my chain into proper adjustment. Do I need to lose a link, or should my eccentric turn farther? Looking at the service manual, I don't see a reason why the eccentric wouldn't turn 360 degrees. Also, the manual states chain slack should be 22-27mm (I think) but the sticker on the swing arm says 32-36mm. Which is correct?

'06 Ducati S2R1000, '06 Ducati ST3s
'00 Yamaha WR400, '03 Honda TRX300ex
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Hi Twerth,

I recall the bracket holding the brake caliper limits fore-aft movement. But it's been a while since I sold my S2R.

I think you need a new chain. They should run loose, but there are two places to look:
Ľ Just in front of the rear sprocket at the top, the chain might reach down and hit the swingarm. That's too loose.
Ľ The way I set chain tension on Ducatis is to lift up the bottom run at the center and make sure it doesn't touch the swingarm. Then I double check it has more swing than the length of the swing is more than the middle knuckle part of a finger.

About the eccentric: Take off the wheel and you'll be able to see better. Besides, you don't want to rotate too much as there's a huge leap from "top" to "bottom" and you won't want to make those adjustments to your suspension.

On the idle: I knew a S2R1000 owner whose bike never really did idle correctly. His was a 2005 model and did not have the idle stepper motor that yours does have. That makes me think you've got hope. Make sure you take good notes about each thing you try. I believe you can easily affect idle via the bleed screws feeding the idle stepper.

A few things I tell folks about S2Rs (also my favorite motorcycle thus far):
Ľ Get a pitbull "forward" rear stand. It is amazing.
Ľ Pay attention to the inboard side of the cush drive; the outer rings can delaminate and the OEM sprocket doesn't have retaining lips to hold them in place. Then the rings move inwards towards the eccentric. The aftermarket answers this by two piece rear sprockets: a carrier and an outer chain wheel. The carriers almost always employ a retaining lip for the cush shells.

Chris Kelley
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I always wondered about S2R owners saying they always let the bike warm up before riding..

You ever actually tried doing that?
I'd have the neighbors call the cops in the morning.. 10 minutes and it's still reading low.

These guys seem to be built to run hot. I guess they're 10 years old now, and there's so many around, they did something right

I'd love to see some pictures if you have any.
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