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Duke Arty 11-23-2015 08:41 AM

Just bought duc 696 in white
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Hi to all from duke arty [new member]

my brother and i have just gone halvies in an 09 duc 696 for a great price with a lowish 12000km on the speedo, second hand but it needs a bit of work ie fork seals, oil+ filter, maybe belts, rear tail tidy, rear indicators and clutch cover gasket probably too, and a good clean up.

anyone know the best brand engine oil to use for these bikes,
a quality brand of fork seals,
what weight of fork oil
and brand,
and fork oil amount etc?
need front and rear tyres too, what do people use?

anyone know a parts shop to go to in melb/vic

Im in melb, the bike was quite cheap= hopefully we scored a bargain @4700 au$

my bro rode it and it blew no smoke, went into all gears, started no probs, ran fine.

done all the ppsr check stuff, come up clean.

def needs fork seals which i can do,
slight oil leak from clutch side cover at one of the top bolts
the rear licence plate plastic holder is broken off, il have to wire in new indicators

il post a few pics shortly see what folks think.

love to hear anyones thoughts and advice,

im well handy with a spanner so were doing everything in house[in garage lol]

but its the first time owning a duc.

cheers from the arty duke.:wink:grin

heres a few pics of aspects of the bike my bro sent me today.
were piking it up weds this week.il post a pic of the whole bike shortly.


1UglyBastard 11-23-2015 09:33 AM

I use Shell T6 Diesel on all my bikes, which included the 696 at one point.

I learned the hard way to always use OEM fork seals and dust seals. The aftermarket ones I used would leak after a few thousand miles.

Not sure of the fork oil weight on the 696, but I think it's less than 10, so probably 5 or 7.5. The 796 has 500cc of oil, but the 696 forks are smaller so they probably contain less. I never worried about brand of oil for this.

You're going to have to determine how you're going to ride this bike to figure out which will be the best tire for you. I always use sport touring tires because they last longer than performance tires and still do well in turns. My favs have been Dunlop RoadSmart tires. Michelin makes some Pilot Roads that I want to try.

You can get an integrated tail light and not worry about blinkers.

you're at 12,000 km, so you'll have to do a valve service to the bike. The belts are supposed to be changed over 2 years.

Duke Arty 11-23-2015 04:03 PM

ok, thanx i was thinking oem on the fork seals for just that reason, so that confirms my suspicion, just what i needed to hear.
i noticed the maintenance manual specifies shell advance 4t ultra oil too, ive heard mention of the road pilots as good on this bike somewhere on a forum,
to save $ may try and fabricate a tail unit myself out of sheet metal, or go ebay.
do you know of any write ups on the valve checks on this forum perhaps, il do a search anyway.
it does have a service sticker on the fork leg so il ring the place today and ask them what servicing they did, but do oil n filter anyway for peace of mind.
i downloaded the service man last night, it says left side fork oil 349cm cubed and right leg 474cm cubed and shell advance 7.5 or donax ta.
Im not sure if it has the red card either but has a key, uhhhgg, just thought about that.
could be a nightmare, its just so cheap tho, and not coming up on the ppsr as having any problems with $$owing or stolen, the guy selling has an r1, if i pulled out id loose $100 only.

to get one with low kms on the road here is about double the price almost.

thanks for your input and advice.

1UglyBastard 11-24-2015 05:34 AM

There are youtube videos on the valve service and a few write ups on here. I did a DIY write up on preparing the bike for the valve service. You can follow the videos by California Cycleworks and the write ups at ducatisuite.com after that.

Duke Arty 11-24-2015 08:49 AM

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thanx,^ il have a geezer at cycleworks & at the tubes for how too,s on the valve shims etc. good 1/

we got it home today, it has an oily air filter and a spoonful of red colored oil in bottom of air box, is this normal practice?, the plugs are a bit fouled[would that be why?], engine oil was dirty enuf,
been running over the electrics and will continue tomorrow on it, got the tank off, i like the bike, took it for a quick spin, they go alright, comfortable, handles, it needs a good clean for sure.

very happy to pay only 4500 for it, we knocked him down, will cost maybe 1100+/- 300 to get on the road, all up,

i like the homologated and integrated yet relatively simple ergos and engineering of it, easy to work on too, its not a transformers supabike,

a riders bike.

think im going to really enjoy it, have to do fork seals get new battery new plugs tomorrow. and mount in the tail tidy+indicators.

the horns not working though, damn,

cant tell you with words how stoked i am to have it, its in pretty nice condition overall.

just needs a good clean and servicing.

and a few parts.

we took a slight risk, i get the feeling an idiot has owned it due to the missing bolts and few other things, but, it has very low kms,

and seems to run well and go into gears well brake well clutch good starts easy etc.

no offence to anyone, but in my opinion your off your head if you neglect a motorbike in any way, its your life at risk. and big $$$ lol.

thanx you guys, it all helps.

only owned jap bikes, there quite different machines.

1UglyBastard 11-24-2015 02:35 PM

The air filter must be a reusable filter. the red oil is part of the cleaning kit for those reusable filters. Look up K&N filter cleaning kit. It sounds like they oiled it too much. It shouldn't be dripping that much.

Not sure why the plugs are fouled. Maybe they just need to be cleaned up.

Lithium batteries are best for this generation bike. During cold weather, many Monsters require a good deal of cranking to start.

Duke Arty 11-24-2015 06:57 PM

yeah it was pooling in the bottom of the box looked like way too much to me, i imagine the filter is meant to be a dry filter for a roadbike?.
I cleaned out as much as i could last night.
thnx for the tip on the lithium battery,
would kero be ok to clean the air filter with?

1UglyBastard 11-24-2015 07:12 PM

No. I don't know what the cleaning kit is made of but they sell it. It consists of a cleaning spray, which you let sit for about 10 minutes, then you wash it off and let the filter dry. After it dries, you spray a light mist of the red oil on it.


Duke Arty 11-24-2015 07:57 PM

i need to remove the gearbox side cover to reseal with gasket goo it looks like, its weeping engine oil at the top bolt, how straightforwards is this job? if you happen to know,?

Duke Arty 11-25-2015 04:44 AM

sorry ive asked enough already il do some searching first, i appreciate it though ok. thank you.

ive been very pressed for time as roadworthy is in 4 days lol.

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