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I haven’t weighed my gear, I am between 95-100kg.

I have changed fork springs from stock 8.0 to 9.5 and found this a bit too much, so now I have 9.0. This change is based on wrong information/signals from the forks (Just found out after posting here). It turned out there was a danmage to inner fork tube after repair. Incorrect tools were used and had squeezed the top of the inner leg. This made the fork much more friction on the top of the stroke. Since all signals have been misinterpreted because of this I have to start all over.

The rear shock has 115NM and now changed to 140Nm.

I have no photos of my worn tyres. They were evenly worn. Now I use Metzeler m7rr for active street/tour and Supercorsa for trackdays, both sets are new.

My suspension technician told me it was not possible to get new valve set and no cartridge manufacturer offer cartridge kit to my bike. Is this really the case? I can’t find anything myself. If anyone has som examples for shimstack, valve or perhaps cartridge, I would be grateful.

I couldn’t agree more. Don’t be in a hurry to go fast. To build/change suspension takes time.
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