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Originally Posted by Kidnplay01 View Post
Any updates DarR? As I too look to do this next. Didn’t you consider aftermarket better looking/lighter ones?
Not yet. I've been putting some time on my new Multistrada.
Moreover, I'm still looking for confirmation about chain length for a 1200R 15/43 combo.
110 or 111 on the "R"

About lighter ones: I don't really care for a lighter sprocket if it's going to sacrifice durability. Furthermore, my racing parts guy suggested I stay away from riveted two piece sprocket which tend to get loose and noisy over time. He suggested solid steel for durability. After all, it's a street bike which I want to keep maintenance free as much as possible although I will take it to the track for some social fun. About better looking : I can always have the sprocket flange anodized.

Just had a gearing change on the Multistrada at the first 600 miles service. The OEM 15/40 was unbelievably long. Went +2R.
Great improvement. It should have been delivered as a 15/42.
Now anxious to fix the gearing for the Monster.

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