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Springs for weight is only a vague starting point of a long expensive dialogue. . .I can't comment on your forks and shocks specifically but you won't need to worry about a re valve until your at the upper end of adjustment on any of the settings... Closed? I'm all the way out for the rear shock in rebound (Ohlins ttx) and my tire wear up front (Ohlins 1200s) is ideal but I'm blasting through the stroke on a set of 9.0 springs with 15 turns of Preload (175lb rider)... everything was manageable with a Rosso2. The Power RS Is another animal... Super Corsa? Yeah! you need a re valve to reach its potential... Rolling off the throttle mid corner whips the rear-end out from underneath me because the valving is too damn fast... the rear is due for service and will get that sorted at a shop... Putting in a set of 10.0 springs up front and based on their behavior l will get the valving adjusted to suit... If shims can't solve my problem I'll slow down ...lol a cartridge is essentially a commitment to going faster.... and the monster is governed by its lean angle so its sort of a waste. Why not post a pic of your tires. .. they will tell you what you really need...

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