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Originally Posted by MarshallGibson View Post
Reading this makes me wanna put up my S2R1000 up for sale and get an S4R or S4RS! Don't tell her I said that!
I'm probably going to take the leap. The weight-forward thing is likely what makes the back tire slip-out in turns. I will try to be careful with that, while I am getting more comfortable with the squirreling (ruts in the Seattle streets, ugh). My opinion is that having that much extra power is actually safer, say on the freeway when someone starts to cut you off, but of course it depends on what kind of a driver you are, and I'm a 52 year old with a gold-star driving record.

With that said, the S4R is not nearly as intimidating as was moving from the M900 to the S2R1000, in my opinion.

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