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This was a replacement to a 2013 Lounge that was borrowed and wrecked. I knew eventually I had to replace it with another 500C, and especially an Abarth.

I can't tell you why, but I love these little cars. I test drove a couple of Cooper S models, a few of the coupes as well. They were fun but there is something charming about the Fiat that keeps getting my money.

I'm glad you like yours as well. It's funny how I averaged around 34mpg in the Lounge but I can't keep my foot out of the boost and average 17mpg in the Abarth. Basically the same mileage as my lifted 2003 Ford Ranger. The Fiat was supposed to get me better mileage for when I go on my 4 hour trips to the coast. You have any pictures of yours?

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