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Originally Posted by caferacermike View Post
If using the logowear app, you need to update with every new release or performance will begin to fade and/or you might notice faster battery depletion.

You didn't say when you were getting the neutrals. I would only find them when shifting from 5th to 6th when riding at normal highway speeds. If it is after coming to a stop and attempting to shift into neutral, that method is dead wrong and should be booted from your list of habits. As mentioned in a previous post, always shift into neutral while rolling to a stop. The parts are spinning over each other and the cutaways need to align for you to pull the bits through each other. When stopped you'll be forcing the dogs and detents through the gears. There used to be a problem on earlier bikes of people breaking springs and bending shift forks from shifting into neutral at a dead stop. If you are stopped and cannot easily find neutral, rock the bike back and forth a little while pulling up on the lever.
Was between 5 and 6 good to know about trying to shift in to neutral when stopped, I do usually shift to neutral as I am coating to a stop glad to know that is the correct way. When I tried to do that at a stop nothing seemed happy so stopped very early on. Thanks seems to a lot less neutral 5 - 6 shifts now that I am used to what it wants. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
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