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I have the Comp Werks.

It is load, not obnoxious Harley loud, but it is much louder than stock. You can also buy the add on baffles, which will take some of the edge off. I rode 550 miles yesterday (road trip to Tail of the Dragon) and when I got home that night my ears weren't ringing, but it felt like there was some "pressure?" I don't wear ear plugs and I do not have baffles.

I absolutely love the exhaust note. It's my favorite out of all our options. I get compliments all the time. "Your bike sounds so angry," is the most common.

I thought about Termi's but honestly if I bought them it would just be for the bling factor. They're heavier, three times the price, and I don't like the note as much as I do the Comp Werks. The upmap would be nice, but I plan on a custom dyno tune before summer anyway.
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