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Originally Posted by _Phaedrus_ View Post
I've been (hopelessly) trying to locate a full termi exhaust for my 2007 S2R 800. Ideally, I'd like to get the 50mm midpipes which I think is part #979A00105, along with the 45 degree, shotgun, or raised silencers + air filter and ecu. The only part number I've been able to find for the cans is the "raised" kit (cans+ecu+airbox) #96446205B. [Edit] Looks like the shotgun part number is #96448206B, but no air filter included...

Worth noting, my 2007 does not have a O2 sensor. Don't know if the PO deleted it, or it came that way, but I can run a system without a lambda port.

Does anybody have a full kit part number (midpipes, cans, ecu, and airfilter?). Do you have to buy the two separately? Does anybody have the part numbers for the two other can kits (45, and shotgun)?

I've tried sourcing a 2007 Ducati Performance/Accessory catalog, but no luck so far.
There was never a Full Termi system for the S2R800. Most midpipes were 45mm on aftermarket systems. There was a full system from Arrow. Except that it reused the stock header elbows.

Here are some numbers to help you. (some of which you did provide already.)

979A00105 Ducati Performance (Termi) S2R800 headers. Awesome quality, doesn't reuse any stock parts like most S2R800 headers.
96446205B S2R800 Raised kit with airfilter, cut airbox lid and ecu
96448206B S2R1000 shot gun kit, will not fit S2R800

96025704B Termi S2R800/S4R<'06 45 shot gun kit (this might be what you are looking for)

As for the air box and filter. K&N would be a similar filter and you can cut the airbox lid yourself. Then just find a place to reflash your stock ECU.

My old S2R800 with 979A00105 (header) and 96025704B (mufflers)

2007 Accessories Catalog. Keep in mind the pictures for the headers just show one header so the one you are looking for may not be listed.

Hope that helps!

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