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1.remove caliper....squeeze pistons whilst removing fluid from reservoir
2.put something between pads to keep them open
3.connect tube to bleeder and press pedal to build pressure...open bleeder and close before pedal hits bottom
4.repeat until pedal becomes firm. be absolutely sure the level stays above the min mark in the reservoir and cycle through the fluid faster than a trapped air bubble....keep the bleed valve pointed up and continue until no air appears...than go a little more...be vigilant that the reservoir does not hit MIN and be quick with cycling...pedal down open close pedal up...repeat
if the pedal goes soft at any point there is still air in the system...a helper adding fluid will go along way...the pedal should tighten up rather quickly but don't stop and don't let the volume go below the min mark

with the pedal taught...seal it all up and go for a ride....ride the brake until the abs kicks in...and keep it up until the pedal turns to mush...then repeat
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