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FYI for all of us who reside here in Ohio. Yes it is a stupid law that we are trying to get repealed.

A question about this issue.
So using your link, I looked up my district senator. But before I call I have some questions. You said " Let them know we made passed the House last year with 100 percent yes votes." Who is the "we" you are referring to? Do we use a senate bill number as a reference? Or do I just call the senator and say that I'm a rider trying to get earplugs legalized? I don't think they'll have any clue of what I'm referring to.
Thanks for the help, I'd like to give my senator a call today.
"we" refers to all of the people that got this process started, but it is not a real organization. A group of riders here including me, some help from ABATE and AMA after we got it started.
You want to refer to the current 'Transportation Budget' that is before the Senate and House. It's bill number is 62, but Transportation Budget will be plenty. If you want more talking points on why legalizing them is a good idea read the first post in this thread.
Really appreciate the help Leon, very cool you.

People, you need to move on this. The Transportation Budget must be passed by March 31....that is this week. Call right

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