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Ohio earplug law.

This post is for all us Ohio Ducati Riders.

This is a post from the Ohio Riders Motorcycle Web Site. I sent an email to my State Rep and State Senator. I feel all of us should consider doing the same.
Thank you for your support.
Go here: https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legisl ... egislators and find your Rep and Senator. Copy and past the below in. Yea, I know I caved on the earphone issue. But if we go for that at the same time we will lose on both. One thing at a time.
Sample letter.
I would like to discuss with you a needed change to Ohio law, specifically ORC 4511.84
This law prohibits the use of earphones and earplugs while riding a motorcycle. While prohibiting earphones may make sense, the prohibition on earplugs does not. This law is antiquated and does not account for the medical community’s better understanding of hearing loss and it’s causes.
In fact the Ohio BMV handbook for new motorcycle riders says:
“Long-term exposure to engine and wind noise can cause permanent hearing damage, even if you have a quiet motorcycle and wear a full-face helmet. Whether you choose disposable foam plugs or reusable custom-molded devices, properly worn hearing protection reduces noise, while allowing you to hear important sounds like car horns and sirens.”
I have a quiet motorcycle, and I wear a full face helmet. When I don’t wear ear plugs I can clearly tell my hearing has been impacted after a day of riding. They ring and buzz, just like being at a loud concert. Yes, I ignore the law and wear ear plugs as do a great many other riders I know. One of whom just got a $95 dollar ticket for doing so.
I can assure you I can hear sirens and horns. Ear plugs are selective in what noise they block.
Simply put the State has a law forcing a motorcycle rider to suffer permanent hearing loss. It has no moral right to do so. 4511.84 needs to be amended with an exception for hearing protection for motorcycle riders as many other states have already done.
Please let me know what I can do to help make this happen and thank you in advance for your help in this matter. 
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