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Originally Posted by mgoodie View Post
Last night was my first night at MSF BRC!* I can now ride around a parking lot and weave in and out of cones at 15 mph!* ** *However, one thing I noticed was it is a lot harder to turn right.* I talked to my friends who ride after class and they said a lot of people have trouble with this so it's not just me.* Does anyone know why this is or how to make it easier?
over the last 4 yrs i have toured over 17K kms through most of central Europe, Portugal to Poland. south Italy to Amsterdam
and particularly in the Alps, there one will find Many curves...right and left...i ride a GL 1800 i shipped MY bike over to Europe to ride and enjoy on my own machine...rentals are very expensive, especially if one wants to tour, ride, enjoy on a similar bike like home
i found that right turns, especially hairpins and there are MANY through the mountain roads and highways -the right turn, especially on the Goldwing were the hardest to maneuver, since the turn itself is Very tight, all left turns were without a problem and/or hesitation
i think it is because all of Europe -not UK of course- is right hand drive thus turns to the right are harder to manage then the usual wider swing and bends for a left turn >uphill or downhill
actually driving though San Marino (republic in northeastern Italy), and climbing to the top of the mountain to the castle of the Republic, and trying to find the way to the tourist area and Parking. i notice too late the correct road to turn onto to get to the destination, the throttle down and the quick decision to turn into the tight right turn, -probably at least 135 degrees- such as most hairpin turns are in Europe- i unfortunately had to drop the bike onto its engine guards, the turn was not managed properly...lol...mind you there was a rut, asphalt seam, in the road RIGHT there too thus the wheel snap quickly to the right...aaargh...fortunately no damage to bike, actually didn't even hurt my pride: science, gravity, mother nature etc. won ... i ain't fighting 'em!
now on regular right or left turns without the need to climb a road or highway up or down a mountain that was managed without a problem
on a longer wheel based bike such as the Goldwing, it is a tad more challenging to ride but no where impossible
Europe is very bike friendly, but the roads and passes were there, well before the bike was invented...lol
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