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Hello everyone …*

I do not “approve” the @ronski suggestion since an open-face helmets is one of most dangerous options …*especially if you'r not riding a scooter but a true bull like the Monster. Full face protection is the way to go.
You could chose a modular helmet, but usually the maker says that you cannot drive with the "front" opened. While, in practice, I've seen many riding safely up to 70/80 km/h.
{without the front "cover" moving at speed}

I'm 170cm tall and I have to say that I am finding the 1200S quite comfortable. I feared that air exposition to be much more annoying than it really is.
If you're gonna drive for some time over straight roads my suggestion is to move back to the saddle and lower the torso slightly. In that position I have made comfortably a 20minutes ride well over the Italian's highway speed's limits.

Exercise and practice will also help maintaining your neck and head ‘safe’ and not feel pain after driving all day.

As for helmets per se the most racing ones – like my HJC R-PHA11 or the X-Lite 803-RR – usually have spoilers that help with the stability at speed … but usually they are a little noisy. For example the Midland BT2 I use with my wife can be used comfortably up to 80/90 km/h and over there's just too much noise.
In that case you can choose more "road"-use models like the HJC RPHA70 (to say) or the Shoei NXR line.

These are my 0,02€
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