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Agree, some make the mistake of bolting down new bars, adjusting for position, then trying to get switches and choke, throttle etc. over ends of bars.
The switches, brakes etc. are in halves, so easier to do, but choke for example is circular and must be slide over ends, hence pulling out to ends to slide on. This can dislodge cables or kink them somewhere when pulling to ends.

I always leave bars loose, ie. no riser clamps on yet, get all switchgear and choke , throttles on. Moving the bars side to side to make fitting up easy. Then clamp in place. double checking throttles and choke rotate easily and smoothly.
You must check when positioning that there is no pulling on cables which causes sticking etc. sometimes removing cable ties from frame and re-routing is needed. As I said before, the outer cable may have pulled out at the adjusters.

Then of course, as Mike said, it may have got damaged in crash.

I have Triumph 'M' bars on my monster and they fit and work well.

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