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Originally Posted by ronski View Post
I'm with Lee on the older bikes, better looking and within my capabilities to fix. Would love a new bike but cannot afford one at my age. Eventually all things wear out, so a 20 year old bike is an ongoing duty of love and care.
Wow. Thanks for pitching in again on these other issues. I appreciate it a lot. I figured it was out of my hands at this point but I’d love to sort this out in my own garage. The choke is hard to turn. It used to slide up and down with no effort. Since the new bars, it’s rather stiff. It still operates, just with less cooperation. I have to really push to get it to move. My ex was the one who replaced the bars so I’ll be coming at this new. I’ll check the points you mentioned and see if I can sort it out. When it comes to the gauges and electrics I can get intimidated because it’s not what I know, but I’m definitely determined to find out.

I completely get what you're saying about the upkeep on an older bike being a duty of love and care. The idea of a new bike turns me off if I'm honest. That friend of mine has a new Monster and keeps saying mine is on the edge of being a money pit. But, not if I can fix it! Thus my determination to learn how. Sure, it would more reliable. I’ve been told about the new technology but I have no idea what I’m missing. Plus, I don’t like the new Monster design as much as the older one.

I find the older I get, the less sophisticated I like things in general. I started out driving in a ’71 VW Beetle and loved the hell out of that car, for many reasons, one of which was I could fix most issues armed with a little common sense and some basic tools. And it was always breaking down. My father (who desperately wanted a son but had three daughters) loved how interested I was in mechanics and that I didn’t mind getting my hands dirty so he taught me to work on it. My first lesson was how to replace a float needle valve and a fuel line. We’d go to a local junkyard, pay $5 to the owner to poke around looking for parts. We found the valve in a wrecked Beetle and even the right sized fuel line in decent condition in an old BMW and got it running. I find there’s not a lot in life more gratifying than fixing something yourself.

If I bought a new bike, I wouldn’t be able to fix it. I wouldn’t attempt to customize it either. I’d think about the resale value, therefore already thinking it belonged to someone else, if that makes sense. Every time I start thinking about selling my Monster, I get angsty. I’ve already learned so much on this forum through this bike. Eventually I want to be able to do my own build. Bring some beautiful machine back from a rusty death. That’s on my bucket list anyway.

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