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I'm with Lee on the older bikes, better looking and within my capabilities to fix. Would love a new bike but cannot afford one at my age. Eventually all things wear out, so a 20 year old bike is an ongoing duty of love and care.

So to next issues, changed the handle bars and now no horn, you may have to check either the horn itself or the switch unit on handlebars. sometimes new position of bars puts a strain on wiring, sometimes putting back on can dislodge the switch or even break a connection inside.

Same deal with the choke, you say it's harder to operate, how exactly? is it getting tighter to move or won't go to full on?
When changing bars, you may have pulled the outer cable out of it's retainer/holders. easy to do when getting it onto new bars, check both ends, make sure there is free play.
Check any cable ties that may prevent it moving to new location on bars hence pulling on cable.

In other words, it may be partially on. Could explain the strange running and hesitation etc. staying too rich.

speedo, some had issues with the actual speedo failing, but check the cable first. It's a bit fiddly, but disconnect from gauge, tape the end to something so you can see the cable inside, then sit on bike and move it forward, with engine or just push.
The cable should rotate. If not rotating, then think; 'wheel balance', the guy would have removed front wheel to balance, the speedo drive is on front wheel. Possible he did not fit the locator pins in properly and it's not turning.
easy fix unless the pins got damaged.

Amazing sometimes how fixing/changing one thing. can lead to other problems.

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