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I just got my bike back from a local guy who did an alignment and that fixed that! He checked the forks and tires, which he said are still on the new side. I had him checked the head bearings too. All good. The front wheel was out of balance.

The past couple weeks there are other issues that have been cropping up so I'm going to take it back to him soon. Since the handlebars were replaced, the horn hasn't worked and the choke is hard to operate. I went to get it inspected in December having forgotten that little detail about the horn but the guy passed it. I only just remembered it hasn't worked. Now the speedometer is not working either. Also there are dead zones in the power, it's fine up to about 3000rpms and then starts to hesitate at mid-range. It comes back again and hits another wall at high range. All sorts of little issues, but it's generally running fine. Now I've got a friend of mine saying I should just sell it and go buy an new 821 "with a quick shifter and those Termis you like and never look back." That it's time to graduate from my first street bike. Lol! So now I'm considering that. I'm more drawn to vintage bikes but for now I've offloaded the idea of a project Ducati. I've already picked up and sold two potentially awesome non-running bikes but I need to start smaller, like a General Five Star maybe.

What's a quick shifter anyway? I rarely have to use the clutch to shift as it is now so how much quicker does it get before it's automatic? The technology on the new bikes is unreal compared to my 17 year beast.

Thank you all for helping we work through this issue. You guys are the best. I've learned a lot through this one.

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