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Originally Posted by Monster4Lee View Post
Ounce of prevention for sure.
Let the pros check it out, they do it every day and have more knowledge and a better eye for things than most of us.
Got pics of the tire treads? How many miles and years on them?

I'd been set on taking my bike to a shop today and getting some photos of the tires as I was supposed to be out of work early-ish. But things didn't go as planned at work and with my long commute... shops is closed. But, I'm still going to take her out for a bit. I'll get some photos of the tread and post them soon. The bike has about 12,500 miles on it now. When I purchased it the tires were new so that's 2,500 miles on them. The only thing I'm concerned about is the marks from the low psi wobbly rides. I don't know what damage I may have done but I believe I caught it early.

I'll be back with photos..
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