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I will just add a few things to what the other guys said.

Firstly, be careful over inflating bike tires, yes, car tires have less rolling resistance when hard, but bikes are meant to roll/lean around corners. Very hard tires bounce easier, something I wouldn't want hard over in a corner.

If you get front end off the ground, spin the wheel (with help of course), use flat of hand to check for shimmy or wobble of tire. Mainly, when a bike goes down, depending on the situation, the front end can 'dig in' pushing the tire sideways against asphalt. This can put a flat spot on tire which is either easy to see or not so. Your hand held against in various positions can feel this. sadly if it has a flat spot, then a new tire is the only fix.

Next, a more common cause of high speed wobble after crash is, the disk rotor(s) can get slightly bent in crash.
causing slight contact of one side of pads. Obvious effect is like intermittent braking on one side. Again, spin wheel and either use hand or plastic tool like handle of screwdriver held against forks to see if the rotors have any run out.

Check wheel alignment using string or straight edges, out of alignment can cause strange wobbles at speed.

Another check which would be least likely as the inverted forks are quite solid, get partner to stand in front and hold front wheel between legs firmly, try to turn handlebars side to side, see if any movement at triple clamps. Having ridden trail bikes with soft long forks, I was amazed how much play there was, also, do they look even at the top triple clamp. Difficult to see, maybe a shop check would be best if it gets this far.
Ducati's are much more solid but worth checking.

hope this helps,

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